The Restaurant in Calgary

The Restaurant in Calgary
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9030 Macleod Trail SE Carriage House Inn T2H 0M4, Calgary


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Do you have rooms with hot tubs/whirlpool?

I called the hotel and asked. The man answering the phone said they do have jacuzzi rooms.

I will be in Calgary for some training in Sept and would need to pay by company credit card. Do you have a form that would pre approve that card for payment as i will not have it with me when i am training?

Hi Keith! Thank you for for question. Please contact reservations at 403.253.1101 to discuss specific payment details. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Is there a delicious restaurant nearby?

Great place, great rooms, great price

Do they have hourly rates?


who its in charge of hiring cooks for the carriage house Inn

Why don't you judt call the hotel and ask?


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The Restaurant in Calgary

9030 Macleod Trail SE Carriage House Inn T2H 0M4, Calgary


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